What Does 6x, 12x, 30x Mean? Which HCG Product Is Best?

Dozens of brands of ‘HCG drops’ are on the market now, and many of them proudly proclaim their formulations as ’6x, 12x, 30x, 60x’. What is the x factor? Simply put, each number which appears before the x tells you how many times the original substance was DILUTED with TEN PARTS of WATER. For example, a 1x formulation would be 10% as strong as the original element. A 2x formulation would be 1% as strong. A 6x, only.0001% as strong.

When you see multiple ‘x’ factors, you have a substance that is comprised of various dilutions that have been blended together, so a 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x formulation would be a combination of dilutions, the STRONGEST of which is only.0001%!

In the practice of ‘homeopathy’, these extreme dilutions are considered a positive factor. The jury is very much ‘out’ on the subject of whether this theory applies to HCG. Back in the 1950′s, the famous Dr. Simeons injected the pure stuff, perhaps diluted with a little saline solution for effective distribution in the bloodstream and lymphatic system. And it worked.

We have seen ‘homeopathic’ HCG drops on eBay for as little as $12.95. Considering the miniscule amount of HCG that actually has to be in such formulations, they are doubtless pretty profitable, and if the people who buy them BELIEVE they work, AND stick to a 500 calorie diet, they will lose weight. Perhaps the widespread marketing of ineffective or fake HCG drops and the associated customer complaints played a part in eBay’s recent decision to ban the sale of HCG products on their website; one thing is for sure, if you are trying to make it on 500 calories a day and the HCG that you are taking is not the real deal, you will be one miserable and unhappy customer.

This author didn’t take the chance. I found the highest purity HCG that I could find without taking injections, and followed the ‘owner’s manual’ to the letter, including the great FEAST before the fake FAMINE. Three days of eating all the stuff I had been depriving myself of by ‘trying to watch my weight’, followed by an amazing 40 days, during which I lost 30 pounds, six inches off my waist, 50 points off my blood sugar, and increased muscle strength by over 12%!

But the fact is, over 90% of the people who lose weight on a diet gain it back. Why? Because nothing changed during the diet except the reading on the bathroom scales. Only those people who make a fundamental change in their food and activity mindset during the process of losing weight will find success in maintaining the weight loss and other associated good health benefits.

I was not one of those people. I went back to most of my old eating habits, and gained back about 20 of those pounds over the next couple of months. Fortunately, the missing link fell into place for me in the form of the incredible audio training program called MPH for Life, by Dr. Michael Cutler and Monica Balanzategui. I began absorbing and internalizing this information, resumed a course of MPH Drops and lost 38 pounds in the next 40 days, and am now maintaining a 48 pound weight loss except for about 5 pounds that have been gained in muscle mass thanks to my efforts at the gym with a personal trainer and a concentration on strength training and building the upper chest… I can actually do a ‘pull up’ for the first time in my life, and wear 32 inch pants for the first time in memory!

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