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Understanding True 911 Emergencies

Is urgency and panic always associated with all 911 calls or is there another disturbing trend starting to surface and is showing evidence that there are other reasons for 911 calls that are neither urgent or an emergency that required immediate care and attention? The factual numbers are showing more often than not that many 911 calls are actually made by persons who are not fully covered by health insurance.

There are several life threatening situations that justify making a 911 call and include such emergencies as crisis situations, someone unable to drive to the emergency room or a hospital or persons that cannot be moved without professional handlers. With the current economy in crisis for many citizens it is ever more pressing that the 911 system not be abused by non emergencies because this could jeopardize a real life threatening situation for other people. If at all possible wait until you can on your own see a regular medical doctor the next day and not tie up 911 emergency services.

Many people choose to call 911 because they think that this is the only way to receive immediate medical attention when they don’t have health insurance. It is extremely important to realize that 911 is really only for emergencies and these days even an ambulance ride can cost you big money. What used to be considered part of the service is now an extra service that is not being covered. In other words that call to 911 could wind up costing you quite a bit to ride to the hospital via ambulance and the sad thing is that many in rural areas without their own vehicle need the ambulance to transport them simply because they don’t have another way to get to the hospital.

Everyone should note that the reason 911 emergency was started to begin with was to ensure that anyone in a critical health crisis did receive help quickly. However this is being threatened by the recent financial climate by the various cut backs being made to many service agencies like 911 and if possible in an emergency situation the patient might consider finding their own way to help rather than waiting on or depending on an ambulance arriving in a timely manner. Read the rest of this entry »

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