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Raw Foods Diet – Simple Strategies That Boost Results

Eating raw is about enhancing the quality of your life. We eat mostly this certain way because we think it’s the right thing to do and it makes our lives better.

No matter what kind of results you’re getting (or failing to get) – some simple strategies can help.

Sprouts, Sprouts, Sprouts

Sprouts are absolutely the quickest means to enhancing raw food results. Wheatgrass shots, for example, give a lasting “electric charge” feeling just seconds after drinking.

Want to remember what its like to have the abounding energy that kids have? Mixed sprout salad.

Want to detoxify and boot lingering illnesses out of your life? Wheatgrass juice.

Want that mind-numbing spiritual high you get after you workout or meditate to be even more potent? Buckwheat/sunflower sprout juice.

Sprouts are like potent drugs that have no side-effects. They were some of the first plants to evolve on our planet. Your body was designed to thrive on them!

  • Add fresh sprouts and wheatgrass to your diet.

Heavy Meals = Noon

The body’s usually in ‘detox’ mode until about noon. A healthy morning release of toxins keeps you up and running all day.

Fat is usually the culprit when it comes to disrupting this process. Stay away from excessive fats in the mornings. Charge up with sprouts and perhaps some fruit and protein.

Digestive power peaks at noon. Its the time to enjoy those coconuts and avocados. Or maybe some sprouted nuts and seeds.

  • Throw your indulgence foods in around midday and keep the rest of your day supercharged with lighter, more nutritious meals.


Your diet is not enough to save you! Vitality is an attitude so get up and move.

Exercise moves the lymphatic system and speeds detoxification. If you want to conquer a tough case of the blues or look better in your bathing suit then get moving. Read the rest of this entry »

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