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Types of Gloves Used in Healthcare

By Chen Wenli

The use of gloves in protecting hands from infecting diseases during healthcare works in an easy and effective way. Since 1987, gloves have become the key components for healthcare workers. Because of the different purposes under different circumstances, gloves have developed into many kinds of types and, understanding these types well will reduce the cost and improve the safety for both patients and healthcare workers.

Mainly, there are three types of gloves used in healthcare works: examination, surgical, and utility or heavy-duty household gloves.

1. Examination gloves

Workers use these gloves when they do their routine duties, sometimes in contact with mucous membranes and skin. Commonly, these gloves are made of vinyl, a synthetic material that can be made easily and not much expensive. While vinyl is inelastic (does not well as latex), the gloves are made often loose-fitting and can be taken off easily. In some cases, examination gloves are needed to better quality and made from latex or nitrile and can be bought in medical supply stores in most cities. Remember, all examination gloves are very thin and should not be reprocessed for reuse.

2. Surgical gloves

These gloves should be worn during some infectious medical procedures and surgical works. Workers use them for all procedures including contact with tissue deep under the skin. Read the rest of this entry »

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