Streamlining Patient Care With Bed Movers and More!

By Ian T Bougen

The medical and patient care fields are unarguably some of the hardest and most stressful areas to work in. Every job is vital, not just to the economy, but more importantly, to people. Everybody wants to know that if they get sick, there will be somebody there to take care of them. Nurses have some of the most important and active roles in hospitals and rest homes; making their job easier should be a high priority. Thanks to new technology now used in the industry, caring for patients and the elderly is being made an easier job for nurses.

A recent development and assimilation of technology that nurses around the world have started to incorporate is the hands-free headset. Eliminating the need to carry clipboard and pens with them, the headset is able to record caretaker notes for patients, leaving clear instructions from staff on what individuals being cared for need. Removing the slow note taking process frees staff to spend more time seeing patients and taking care of other duties. Having instructions recorded also means fewer mistakes. Common medical eras stem from misread notes or instructions from quick handwritten scrawls on charts; having it recorded eliminates any confusion caused by a messy scribble on some paper.

Patient transportation can be a difficult thing. Needing to move patients around the hospital for procedures or to a different facility in a rest home is a daily occurrence. Even logistically, patient moves can be difficult and time consuming when more than one staff member is needed to help transport a stretcher or hospital bed. Electric hospital bed movers are designed to lift and move any kind of bed or stretcher, patient included, with the push of a button. Making patient transportation easy means more productivity in any care facility and less difficulty for nurses. These are also a cost effective form of technology as one bed mover unit can service a whole fleet of beds or trolleys.

With the development of the iPad and the tablet computer, taking patient notes and keeping charts is a streamlined job. Charts can be set up on the device by nurses, once the doctor has finished the examination and put all of the information into the tablet the charts are filed and prescriptions can be ready and waiting at the desk when the patient leaves. With file sharing systems and synchronisation tools, every Doctor can have access to a patient’s information when they need it.

With technology improving at such an impressive rate, the health care and medical sectors are finding new ways to implement both the simplest and the most complex developments for patient care and to make the jobs easier for staff. Any way that a job as stressful as nursing can be made aided by technology is welcome.

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