How Life Is For a Bipolar Person

By Elisabetta Reist

To know that you are a bipolar person is frightening. You know that you have at least two difficult persons within your personality.

Just before you really fall into your maniac phase, you may go shopping. You will do this in big style, for more money than you possess. You just need to do this shopping. You may make gifts to people you hardly know. Who stays with you will know that a difficult time is coming. During your maniac period you can be very aggressive, you can be physically extremely strong even if you are not during normal times. You are able to knock down somebody you do not like or who tries to make you behave and reason. And after you did it, you will not remember it. You may also shout at people or offend them. But you do it without knowing it. It is not possible to make you reflect about what you are doing. You are always right whatever you are doing.

Psychiatrists will try to calm you down with drugs because there is no other way, at least not for the empiric health care professionals. There are other ways but they are difficult to implement in a hospital if the management is not open to alternative cures. You have to stay in hospital because you may be dangerous to your environment. Only health care professionals who are used to dealing with mentally ill people, can handle you. Read the rest of this entry »

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Learning to Let Go: Help for People With Hoarding Problems

By Kathleen Dwyer Blair

People who face a problem with hoarding often feel overwhelmed and helpless. Overcoming this disorder and becoming comfortable with letting go of belongings is a task that may seem impossible for many hoarders.

However, with the help of a qualified therapist, people with this disorder can learn how to manage the emotional attachments they form to objects. Coping with these feelings can be very difficult to do alone, as the stages are very similar to those encountered by people who are grieving after the loss of a loved one.

Therefore, understanding these stages is important if you or a loved one is experiencing problems with hoarding, and identifying these feelings is a great first step in getting the help you need from a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist.

When a person has a problem with hoarding, it can be clear to see what stage of the process they are experiencing, making it easier to understand their outlook or provide guidance. Denial is the stage when people do not recognize that they have a problem with hoarding. They may say that they just like to keep things, and are not in touch with the fact that there is a problem with holding onto everything.
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