HCG Diet – A Step By Step Guide To Having A Successful Diet

For the past few years I have helped thousands of people looking to lose weight using the HCG diet. During this time I have heard hundreds if not thousands of questions and a lot of those are ‘How does the HCG Diet work?’

The diet works in 3 phases beginning with the loading days. Everyone loves the loading days! For 3 days you can eat all the foods you wish, the fattier the better. This is an essential part of the diet, you need your body to feel overloaded, the more you load the better the outcome of the diet. Do not worry about gaining a couple of pounds during this process, this is normal and you will lose it within a couple of days. People who decide not to load properly in fear of gaining weight find that the weight does not fall off the body anywhere near as much as they like. This is because when your body feels full it will try to burn off the fat much quicker so throughout the diet your body will be helping you achieve your goal. During this time you will also be taking the HCG Drops. These drops are to be taken 3 times a day, 10 drops each time, 20 minutes before each meal. We also provide a oral syringe for you so you can take the exact amount of drops required.

Phase 2 is where the excitement begins. On day 4 you lower the amount of calories you eat each day to 500 calories. It is essential to eat 500 calories worth of food each day. The HCG drops will reduce the hunger you feel and many people feel that by eating less they will lose weight faster. This is untrue. To continue weight loss at around 1 pound per day you need to feed your body the full 500 calories so it can continue burning fat. Eating more than the 500 calories however will start to work against you and you will begin to lose less.

The 500 calories can be eaten from an approved foods list. These foods have been found to help you throughout your diet and also sustain your body. We also provide many different recipes for you to help you get the best and tastiest food for your diet. These recipes are for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also a few snacks for you between meals.

One very essential part during phase 2 is drinking enough water. To work out how much water to take divide your weight in half and change it from pounds to ounces. (I.e. 200lb / 2 = 100lb changed to ounces = 100 oz) This is vital to the success of the HCG diet. Many people like to add a little flavor to their diet and can do so only by using Stevia. There are other products out there however Stevia is the only one not to include any ingredients that can negatively affect your diet.

As there are 2 different diet plans, either 21 day or 40 day plans phases 3 starts at different times. For a 1 day program on day 25 you will begin phase 3 and on a 40 day program you begin phase 3 on day 44.

Phase 3 helps you start to maintain your new self. This is to help stop gaining the weight back. During this phase you will stop taking the drops. You will continue the 500 calories diet without the drops for 3 days (it takes 3 days to expel the HCG drops from your body). After the 3 days are completed you can start slowly adding calories to your diet from an approved (and enlarged from phase 2) foods list. You can increase your diet to 1200-1500 calories.

If you plan on losing further weight you can start a new round of the HCG diet after phase 3 has been completed. Never go longer than 40 days on phase 2 without completing phase 3.

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